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Offline Subscription

Connect Network.

To contract any of the plans paying in cash, we ask you to follow these instructions:


Step 1: Sign up  with us by clicking here:  My account.


Step 2: Fill out the attached form ( click here ) with your data, click send and we will assign you a plan  14 days warranty at NO COST.


Step 3:  At the end of the guarantee period, you will receive an email with the instructions for deposit or bank transfer (you can download the data by clicking here) Do not forget to put in the reference your username with which you registered in Conéctate Network.


Step 4: You will receive an email with the validation of your purchase.


Step 5: you can now  to access  using the username and password with which you registered in Conéctate Network. It's time to connect !

IMPORTANT NOTE: To try Conéctate Network, you need to register and use a payment method (card or paypal). You will have a trial period of 14 days, during this time  WE WILL NOT MAKE ANY CHARGE  and you can cancel your plan at any time.

Offline Sales Form Connect Network
¿Qué plan Conéctate vas a contratar?
¿Quién va a usar Conéctate?
Attach your RFC (if you require a tax invoice)

Thanks! You will shortly receive an email from connect network.

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