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Conéctate Network Support

Contact our support team.

Thanks for connecting! We will be with you shortly.

If you are a Member and have an active subscription plan, you can schedule an appointment for your initial training and support.

Download Area:

Tutorials for use Conéctate Network:

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Conéctate technical requirements

Stable internet connection minimum bandwidth:
The presenter must have at least

2 Mbits/second upload.
At least 1.0 Mbits/second download speed.
To check your bandwidth you can check here: .
1MB Upload 5MB Download
4G LTI For Mobile

Supported browsers:

Google Chrome (version 76 and higher)
Safari for Mac (version 12 and higher)
Microsoft Edge (version 79 and higher)
Firefox (version 72 and higher)


Google Chrome for Android
Google Chrome for iPhone
Safari (iPhone 7 and above)


iPads: iOS 12 and above
Android: 9.0 and above

Google Chrome for Android
Google Chrome for iPhone
Safari (iPhone 7 y superior)

iPads: iOS 12 y superior
Android: 9.0 y superior

Navegadores soportados:

Google Chrome (version 76 y superior)
Safari for Mac (version 12 y superior)
Microsoft Edge (version 79 y superior) 
Firefox (version 72 y superior)



What does my subscription include?

The detail of each of the plans is detailed in the Plans and Prices section, there is a detailed list of each of the plans.

How does the free trial work?

It's very simple, fill out your registration here , leave us your details and we'll assign you a temporary username and password for 10 days and you're ready to Connect!

How can I change my Plan?

You must sign in "My Account" and in the manage section  my plan, you can select the plan that best suits you. Fast and easy!

Can I have custom business plans?

Of course, write us in the contact section, give us a brief description of your requirements  and we will contact you shortly  with you.

Do you need more help? Click on This Link.

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