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Terms and Conditions Connect Network

1. The Terms and Conditions of Use detailed in the following document refer to any of the products and/or services that the “” website markets and/or that the users of the “https” website: //” can contract. The following document describes the rights and obligations of "" from now on called "Conéctate Network" and the user from now on called "The Client".

Any breach of the provisions of the following document will be subject to the cancellation of the contract between the two parties.


2. Rights and Obligations of “Connectate Network”:

Provide a comprehensive service of Virtual Rooms for Videoconferences including Hosting and Maintenance services. Additionally, provide services of Graphic Design and Production of Audiovisual Content of personalized quality.


Adhere to the delivery times defined by means of a document that "Conéctate Network" will send to the client once the client has contracted the product and/or service of their choice, made the payment of the total price and sent the necessary materials for in order to design, elaborate and develop your project.


Design, prepare and develop the contracted product or service according to the graphic line presented by the materials delivered by the client and/or additional specifications thereof, where its composition, layout and presentation, fonts, size, alphabetical order and sections will be determined by "Conéctate Network", according to its knowledge and experience in the elaboration, design, development and placement of its different products, "Conéctate Network" undertakes to program, design, develop and structure the product. In addition, it will provide accommodation or hosting.


In the event that the domain is purchased by the client from a third party, "Conéctate Network" undertakes to advise the client in order to connect their site to our servers.


"Conéctate Network", will send the client proof of the contracted services, who will be informed via e-mail that their product can be consulted on the internet at the address/domain provided so that within (10) calendar days following the sending of said communication the client communicates in writing to “Conéctate Network”, that it approves the product or communicates the corrections or changes to it. If within the established period no response is received from the client, the approval of the product is assumed. Approved the product, tacitly or expressly by the client. "Connect Network" is not responsible for errors or omissions.


"Conéctate Network" reserves the right to accept or reject, at its discretion and when it deems it convenient, the requests for the elaboration, design and development of any type of product in the following cases: a) when the respective requests have not been authorized by the people who have the power to agree on them; b) when the content or information of the products is not true, or the content of the notices or of the Web pages that are announced or published does not correspond to what is offered in them; c) when the products violate morality or good customs due to their content or presentation; d) when the products affect the rights of third parties, which may give rise to claims or give rise to legal disputes due to the use of third-party intellectual property, such as names, trademarks, drawings, texts, legends or commercial slogans, among others.


"Conéctate Network" will retain its property rights in relation to its services and products such as: software, source code, processes, techniques, concepts, improvements, discoveries and inventions made or developed in connection with the services will be the property of "Conéctate Network ” so if the client decides not to make the corresponding renewal payment, “Conéctate Network” will eliminate its Virtual Room in its entirety from its servers, and will proceed to cancel the contract between the parties.


If "Conéctate Network" becomes aware of or suspects any illicit use of the products or services by the client or any use that violates the terms and conditions, "Conéctate Network" reserves the right to immediately suspend or unilaterally terminate the contract when it is necessary to protect the interests of “Conéctate Network” or third parties; In the event that the client uses the services illegally or in violation of an acceptable use policy, and thereby causes an additional expense to "Conéctate Network", the client will be liable to "Conéctate Network" for said damage or additional expense. . “Connectate Network”, can waive in whole or in part, to claim the aforementioned responsibility.


When it comes to a technological product. THE CLIENT expressly agrees to abide by the policy of "Conéctate Network" concerning the use of the products and services offered by "Conéctate Network". A copy of the current acceptable use policy of "Conéctate Network" can be consulted at the URL: or it can be requested directly from "Conéctate Network", and which may be modified at any time without prior notice to the CLIENT. By signing this contract, THE CLIENT accepts and declares that he undertakes to observe the "acceptable use policy". In the event that THE CLIENT does not comply with this acceptable use policy or that "Conéctate Network" learns from the competent authority and another third party of the inappropriate or illegal use of the products and services of "Conéctate Network". "Conéctate Network" may terminate this agreement, without prior notice to the CLIENT.

3. Rights and Obligations of the Client:

The Client agrees with "Conéctate Network" to the following: to deliver all the material in order to design, elaborate and develop the product, in accordance with the specifications and conditions of this order, within a maximum period of 20 days Counted from your signature. If the client does not deliver the material within this term, (“Conéctate Network”) reserves the right to extend the delivery times for the final product of the contracted product at its convenience.


When contracting any of the services offered by "Conéctate Network" the client acquires the unconditional obligation to make the total payment of the values indicated in the price of the product, being made when the price is approved and against delivery of the final product, likewise it is obliged to cover the costs of renewal for hosting, domain and maintenance of the site.

The client guarantees that all the material used and provided in order to comply with our services is not any of the following, although not limited to: a) illegal, b) infringes the rights of third parties, in terms of intellectual property c ) offends morality and/or good customs.

The client agrees to deliver their materials within the guidelines established by "Conéctate Network" to develop the project optimally. If for any reason the material delivered by the client does not meet the necessary requirements to be included, "Conéctate" will inform the client, in order to correct the problems, and send the appropriate material, within (15 ) natural days; Otherwise, the product will be prepared, designed and developed in the best way at the discretion of "Conéctate Network".


For the Virtual Room service that we offer, the client undertakes to comply with the provisions of use detailed later in this document.

Once the final product is approved, the client undertakes to settle the payment, otherwise "Conéctate Network" will proceed to terminate the contract and eliminate all the content of the Virtual Room from its servers.

Terms of use for our Hosting service:

"Conéctate Network" reserves the right to suspend services for any client who carries out activities either for their own use or for end users under the following headings:

-Child pornography - Storing, distributing or linking to sites with pornography that involves a person or persons who are underage

-Copyright - Store, distribute, or link to sites with copyright infringed Materials that are not your property

-CPU / Memory / Resource Abuse - Amount of excessive consumption of internal resources of the server and cause performance problems of the same

-Source DoS - Source Denial of Service Attack

-Target Two - Denial of Service Attack Target

-Spoofing - Forging an IP address, hostname, email, or headers

-Fraud Site - Store, distribute, or link to websites intended to deceive the public

-HYIP - Store, distribute, or link to websites that promote: High Yield Investment Program Website

-Identity Theft - Storing, distributing, or linking to sites with phishing information

-Infection - Storing, distributing or linking to sites with exploits, Trojans, viruses or worms

-IRC - Internet Relay Chat is not authorized by ""Attitud es Todo"" under any type of hosting plan, servers or resellers

-Mass Storage - Storage of massive amounts of backups, files, videos that are not typical of a website

-Phishing - Activities to steal personal information by email under a false identity

-Proxy Sites - Information storage and linking to anonymous proxy servers

-Sending Spam - Unsolicited Commercial Email (UCE) or Unsolicited Bulk Email (UBE): Unsolicited Commercial Email (UCE) or Unsolicited Bulk Email (UBE)

-Spam Lists - Store, distribute or link to sites with lists of spam or illegally obtained addresses

-Spammer Sites - Sites that promote or sell email services with illegally obtained distribution lists

-Spam Ware - Storing, distributing, or linking to sites with software designed to send spam

-Terrorism - Store, distribute or link to sites with content of a terrorist, subversive nature or that incites violence

-Discrimination - Sites that promote racial, social, cultural, religious and sexual discrimination

-Toolz - Store, distribute or link to sites with tools or material with instructions on illegal activities such as Hacking / cracking

-Trademark Impersonation - Store, distribute or link to sites infringing trademarks and copyrighted materials

-Warez - Store, distribute, or link to sites with links to CrackZ, Hackz, KeyGenz, Serialz, or pirated software




"Conéctate Network" is excluded from liability regarding the content and services offered or arranged in the customer portal, or in the published notice. "Conéctate Network" has no obligation to control the content of the portals/advertisements of its clients or advertisers, and it is noted that there is no link between "Conéctate Network" and the advertiser. THEREFORE, "Conéctate Network" DOES NOT ASSUME ANY RESPONSIBILITY FOR DAMAGES OF ANY KIND THAT MAY BE DUE TO THE CONTENT OF THE PAGES AND/OR NOTICES OF ITS CLIENTS OR ADVERTISERS. IN ANY CASE, THE CUSTOMER SHALL DEFEND, INDEMNIFY AND HOLD “Conéctate Network” FREE OF LIABILITY IN THE EVENT THAT ANY CLAIM OR DEMAND IS ATTEMPTED RELATED TO THE CONTENT OR SERVICES OFFERED OR PROVIDED IN THE NOTICE/CUSTOMER PORTAL.


4. The values corresponding to this service order must be paid in the manner agreed upon, but "Conéctate Network" may require the client that said values be recorded in a security, required upon presentation.


5. "Conéctate Network" may refrain from accepting the elaboration, design and development of products for which the security is not subscribed or come from people who have stopped paying values corresponding to other services or types of information media of "Conéctate Network". network”.


6. The design of the page, notices, graphics and images, prepared on the occasion of this order of services will be the property of “Conéctate Network”; the designs, graphics, notices, configurations of the Web pages and any design elaborated by "Conéctate Network", may not be used in information media other than those of "Conéctate Network", without its prior and express authorization.


7. Compliance with Laws: Each party agrees to comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations, including any Internet regulations or policies and applicable laws, in the performance of this Agreement.


8. Confidentiality: The information disclosed by the parties due to or on the occasion of this contract, whether in verbal, written or magnetic form, that is confidential will be kept in this way and for that reason must be protected. Consequently, neither party may communicate it to third parties or exploit it for commercial purposes, and must use the utmost diligence and good faith to preserve and keep confidential the information received from the other party or that has been communicated reciprocally.


9. Modifications: "Conéctate" reserves the right to modify the characteristics and functionality of the operating systems, platforms and software.


10. General Payment Conditions: Once the publication order is received, the respective invoice will be prepared in accordance with the payment conditions established within the order. All payments are due thirty (30) days after invoice is issued. "Conéctate" may charge a late fee of 3% per month, or the maximum amount allowed by law, for payments made by the client after the due date. Payments due by the customer are not subject to compensation rights of any kind.


11. Links. In cases where the technological product referred to in this order corresponds to a link, the client relieves "Conéctate" of any responsibility related to any claim on the client's site. Likewise, in these cases "Conéctate" reserves the right to withdraw the link if it considers that the content of the client's page violates the company's policies, the terms of use and the legal notice. In case the Client requests the use of distinctive signs to set the Link to their page, the client expressly authorizes "Conéctate", to use for the design of the link, the distinctive signs provided by the client and the latter declares that those are of your property or is legitimately authorized to make use of them.

12. Force Majeure: "Conéctate" is not responsible for delays, errors, failures, interruptions or alterations in the services on the network or on the Internet site of "Conéctate", caused by any act, omission or condition beyond the control reason to "Get Connected", foreseeable or not, including, acts of God, strikes, business closures, riots, acts of war, government regulations, fire, power failure, earthquake, inclement weather, flood or other natural or act of disaster in the hardware, software, equipment or telecommunications facilities of the client or any third party.

13. Partial Nullity: In the event that any of the provisions of this contract is declared null or contrary to the law, such declaration will not affect the rest of the clauses that will continue to be applicable and will produce all their effects, by virtue of the principle of the conservation of the contract.

14. Applicable legislation: For all purposes of this contract, the applicable legislation will be that of the Mexican Republic.

15. Validity: This order will take effect from the date it is signed by THE CLIENT, and/or from the day the product and/or service is made available to the client and during the term stipulated for the publication, elaboration, design or development of the product in the respective order.


16. "Conéctate Network" reserves the right to change the TERMS AND CONDITIONS at any time, without the need to give any notification in this regard, simply publishing the changes on the WEBSITE and-conditions, so that these produce all their legal effects.

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